School names: Santa Rosa

by Mike Magers


Santa Rosa is the county seat of Guadalupe County. It now mostly sits on the east side of the Pecos River but was founded in 1865 on the west side. It first got a post office in 1873 and took the name of Santa Rosa. On the east side of the river, a separate community grew up and was named Eden. When the old Santa Rosa post office closed in 1898, the community of Eden took the name of Santa Rosa and has remained as such ever since. The name was selected by an early resident by the name of Celso Baca, both in honor of the first canonized saint in America (St. Rose of Lima) and also for Baca’s wife (or some reports say his mother) Rosa, who is supposedly buried in the chapel of the same name. Rail service arrived in 1901, which helped assure the future life of the town.

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Coach Miles Watters

By Mike Magers

Longtime Clovis and Clayton girls basketball coach Miles Watters achieved his 500th New Mexico win on 12/30/06.  His Clovis girls had just defeated Alamogordo.  He would go on to record 526 wins in the state, first in the state at the time, and now second only to coach Ron Drakes as of the 2014-2015 season’s end.  153 of those wins would come at his last New Mexico position in Clovis and 373 were earned in Clayton.  Read More »

Coach Henry Sanchez

by Mike Magers

Henry Sanchez was a well-known boy’s basketball coach in New Mexico. His coaching career included stops at Our Lady of Sorrows in Bernalillo, Bernalillo High School and Robertson High School in Las Vegas. He would go on to amass an enviable record of 542 wins against 240 losses. This places him at 10th on the all time wins list behind Ralph Tasker, Pete Shock, Marv Sanders, Russ Gilmore, Jim Murphy, Frank Castillo, Jim Hulsman, Keith Kuipers and Alfred Romero.

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Ronnie Black

(Image Credit: Phil Inglis/Getty Images)

Ronnie Black played 20 years on the PGA tour, accumulating lifetime winnings of over $3,000,000.  Had his career started ten years later, it is likely that his winnings would have been even greater.  One of his best assets as a golfer was his consistency, as Ronnie competed in an average of about 26 events his first 18 years on the tour.

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