School names: Moriarty

by Mike Magers

One might think that the town Moriarty was named from the villainous character from the “Sherlock Holmes” mysteries of author A. Conan Doyle, but it was not. Instead, it was named for a settler named Michael Timothy Moriarty who moved to the area from California in the late 1880s, seeking relief from his chronic rheumatism. Situated in Torrance County, it is home to Moriarty High School and the Moriarty Pintos.

Located on historic US Route 66, Moriarty also hosts the annual Pinto Bean Fiesta, which culminates in crowning of the year’s “Pinto Bean Queen,” but their high school mascot is the equine variety.
Political figures from Moriarty include former New Mexico Governor Toney Anaya. Notable athletes from Moriarty include Major League Baseball pitcher Matt Moore of the Tampa Bay Rays and left fielder/first baseman Kyle Blanks of the Oakland Athletics.Moriarty competes in District 5-5A against the Albuquerque Academy Chargers, Grants Pirates and St. Pius X Sartans. The Pintos have made the state football playoffs 8 out of the last 10 years in football, compiling a record since 2005 of 63-49.

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